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Red dawn 2021

URA in cooperation with CZ-Airsoft, Roanoke Airsoft, Rush Airsoft, and The Swamp Fun Park will be hosting Red Dawn 2021 starting in May with each field hosting one battle. Teams will battle each other to win the war... Full event scenario details and preregistration to release in March...

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This channel is coming soon!

Event Dates

CZ-Airsoft                            May 15th
      (Event Closed)                        US Victory

Roanoke Airsoft                  June 19th
     (Event Closed)                         USSR Victory

Rush Airsoft                           July 17th
     (Event Closed)                         USSR Victory

The Swamp Fun Park      August 21st
     (Preregistration is open)

Event Sponsors

  • Airsoft GI

  • Amped Airsoft

  • Blackjack Tactical

  • Enola Gaye

  • Goonies Airsoft

  • North 40 Airsoft

  • Tactical Airsoft Arena

  • Theta Events

  • Valken

  • Wolverine Airsoft

Scenario Rules & Details

• $50 walk-ups – Players will get 1 Raffle Ticket
• $35 for preregistered players – Players will receive 10 raffle tickets
• Preregistration is through our Eventbrite Page. Link posting on Mar 1st.


0800 – 0930 Check-in / Chrono
0930 – 1000 Briefing
1000 – 1015 Staging Players
1015 – 1300 1st Session
1300 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1530 2nd Session
1530 – 1600 Break
1600 – 1730 3rd Session
1730 – 1800 Break / Raffles
1800 – 1900 Final Session if players interest
As the games are in the peak of summer we will have breaks. This will be a good refuel for the players and opportunity for players to meet sponsors.


While each event will have different primary objectives and story details the main thing is to acquire Victory Points throughout the day. The team with the most points is the field winner. Winners will get an additional raffle ticket at the end of the day.

Victory Points:
• Throughout the event we will count the number of victories points each force has, the team with the most points is the winner of the day.
• Primary Objectives generate Victory Points every 30 minutes held.
• Side Missions can be completed to get Victory Points
• Supply Drops can award Victory Points.

FPS & Other Equipment Rules:
• We will follow the field FPS and Safety Rules at each field.

Ammo Restrictions:
• Players will be restricted on the amount of ammo they can carry on their person while in game. Rule of thumb, no speed loaders on the field. Players will be urged to keep restock at their HQ’s to refit.
Amount of ammo per class:
• SMG: 1000 Rounds
• Assault: 600 Rounds
• Shotguns: 600 Rounds (20 Tri-shot shells)
• DMR: 300 Rounds
• Sniper: 150 Rounds
• LMG: 1500 Rounds
• Pistols: 100 Rounds (Does not count against a class ammo restriction)

Play Rules:
• A hit anywhere on the body counts. Ricochets do not count. When in doubt call it out.
• Friendly fire counts as a hit.
• Knife kills are instant deaths, no medic can save you.

• Only grenades that fire projectiles can kill players. If all it does is make noise then it is just a sound device.


More Details and Scenario specific rules to come…

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