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Gear Check:
Make sure you have the required items for the event.


A big thank you to all our sponsors, vendors, field owners, field staff and players that made this possible. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the conflict series for 2023.

Conflict: Badlands

The Nation is Broken...
Anarchy Reigns...
This is the BADLANDS.

Event Dates

Roanoke Airsoft                       Apr 14-16


CZ Airsoft                                 Jun 2-4



Pre-reg Players will get the event patch, dog tag, 3x raffle tickets and be able to pick their team.
Walk-ups will recieve the event patch and dog tag while supplies last and teams will be assigned by staff in an effort to balance teams.
No refunds after the event begins on Friday.


Tickets Available Apr 1st

Event Sponsors & Partners

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