Thank you to all the players and our sponsors that made tRM1 at splatbrothers a success! We had 28 players and the game lasted 4 hours.

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Scenario Rules & Details

Get ready for another "Running Man" event!

Prepare for a battle royal; think warzone, the hunger games or "The Running Man". Players will be scattered across the fight with an unloaded weapon; have to find ammo and additional gear; then fight to the last man.

And look out for "The Stalkers", they are hunting you down with heavy weapons.

Player Requirements:
- Full Seal Eye Pro
- Weapon (Rentals available) - you start with no ammo


Player Gear Recommendations:
- Multiband Radio
- Backpack
- Cell Phone (Android or iPhone)
- Melee knife*


Pre-Reg Ticket Perks:
- Event Patch & Dog Tags
- Raffle Ticket
- Custom Name Plate Trophy to the first 20 players.
- Other Details coming...


Player Perks:
- All players will be able to select a starting perk to start off the event. These perks include 2x med kits or extra lives.
- Pre-Reg receive +2 Perks
- Walk-ups receive +1 perk
- If you get another field or tactical shop to sponsor your entry ticket you will get +4 starting perks.


Top Prizes:
- 1st Place - Wins a Weapon *Surprise*, Winners Trophy, 3x free admission tickets to future URA events.
- 2th - 3rd Place- Top Runner Trophy, Free entry to any 1 URA event.


After Match Fun:
Don't worry folks if you are knocked out early you still get an all day of airsoft. Bring your own gear and after you are knocked out or the game is over and we will be running pick up games for the rest of the day. After all we need to test some scenarios for Future URA Events.