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event basics and rules

URA events tend to have the same rulesets, schedules and navigation for players. Checkout our general rules below. For specific rules on an event see the specific event page.


URA Event tickets are always available for Pre-registration (Pre-reg). A Pre-reg player will be able to select their team and be guaranteed event merch and perks. If the event allows walk-ons, the walk-on player will be selected a team by staff in an effort to balance teams. 

Refunds are not approved after the start of the event.

team restrictions

URA does not use camo base team restrictions in an effort to be all inclusive event for players. Our events do require players to bring their own arm bands that match their assigned team color. Typically the colors for teams are Red, Blue and Yellow; and players will learn their team color when purchasing their ticket.

During the event there are NO TEAM ALLIANCES unless stated by the Game Lead.


Our events use the venues standard waivers. We will add their link to the specific event page. Everyone needs a waiver for the venue and event we play at. Anyone caught without a waiver on file will not be allowed to enter the event.

Event check-in

Players will need to head to the URA booth to check-in or purchase walk-on tickets. After check-in you will receive an item that signifies you have checked in properly. Anyone found that did not check-in will be thrown out of the event. 


URA uses the following chrono rules during all our events. 

NOTE: These might be different than the standard field rules.

Not all events will have ammo requirements. See the specific event page for further details.

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