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Who we are


Our History

​We started United Richmond Airsoft in 2004 playing in the back woods like many of you. We quickly started upgrading our guns and gaining more teammates. The following year, once our team got to around 15 players we decided on an official name "United Richmond Airsoft". We ran our own 20 acre field "Underwood's" where we would run private games and events that would often exceed 30 players. It was about that time we started to play at our favorite field "Blackstone Airsoft" and would even help the owners run special events. Once Blackstone closed, we began traveling to new fields like Ballahack, New Kent Paintball Games, and X-Zone. As most of the team entered adulthood, having careers, marrying, and having children, our team began to disband and for a few years only a handful of us still played. Then, in the fall of 2019 we got the band back together and made 2020 our reboot year. Now our team has over 20 members and we are running special events around VA for fields like CZ-Airsoft, Roanoke Airsoft, Rush Airsoft and The Swamp Fun Park.


Our Mission

Our mission is to share the love of this sport with the player base, help players learn about new fields and help with troubleshooting, try new experiences, and build a strong team of like-minded positive players that show excellent sportsmanship and teamwork.

join the team

​We welcome new players to join any time. Just join our Facebook Group, introduce yourself and let's play.  Once you officially join the team, there are many perks like discounts from our sponsors, bi-monthly raffles, first pick on team merchandise, carpools to our favorite fields and of course a large team that practices teamwork and tactics to excel on the battlefield. We understand that our members have families and careers, and do not expect everyone to play every weekend. When you can play, let's squad up, and play hard!

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